Security 24/24

Our highly technological camera supervision system ensures continuous control of the building.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We put at your service our years of experience and our expertise to offer you a quality household cleaning.


To serve you well

At Stor-Master Mini-Storage, our concern is to keep your belongings in a safe and secure place. That's why we put in place one of the best security systems available, including:

Internal alarm system
Our alarm system is connected to all access doors and each customer has its own access code.

Intervention in case of emergency
Our storage areas are directly connected to the alarm center, the police station and the fire department, to ensure immediate on-site emergency response.
Digital surveillance cameras
Our state-of-the-art surveillance system consists of several indoor and outdoor security cameras for good surveillance.
Solid metal storage units
For security reasons against theft and fire, the exterior walls of the building are made of reinforced concrete and solid steel and the storage units are made of metal.